Giacomino is a revolutionary equipment for painting walls and any colorable surface with hydropaint.

Its tank contains up to 8 liters and paint is pressurized by the proper pump.

The paint is pushed upward through a high chemical and mechanical resistance siliconed pipe, then the patented dispenser distributes it equally on the roll.

The dispenser also works for the gathering of leaking drops caused by the rotation of roll, avoiding any dripping.

The quantity of paint distributed on the roll is dosed by a regulation valve.

Giacomino is supplied with a hook, which can fi t any telescopic rod on sale extendable up to 4 meters at most.

A special paint brush can be supplied as optional for painting even in such places not reachable by the roll; this paint brush is studied for avoiding any dripping.

Giacomino works perfectly with all water-diluted paints: hydropaint, tempera painting, washable, transpiring and quartz paint, water acrylic, silicate, fi ller and water enamel paint.

Giacomino, like all the other VIBI SPRAYERS products, is not disposable.

Thanks to high quality and high resistance materials, it lasts during time even if used very often.

VIBI SPRAYERS supplies all spare parts which can wear out during time, safeguarding for life your investment in Giacomino.

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