Oliver Italy


OLIVER ITALY is a light and easy to handle electric equipment for harvesting olives, nuts and coffee beans.
This new harvester has reinforced rods and rounded shape for an higher resistance, to allow a good penetration and movements into the density of the plant.
The telescopic pole has anti-rotation grooves, to avoid the twisting of the internal cable.
The cable that comes out from the handle has been tested by robotics experts and guaranteed up to 15.000 pressures or/and torsions.

Data sheet

Elecric motor 12 volt (with brushes) 500 W
Beats 1900/min
Gears heat treating steel
Feeding cable 12 mt
Height 1,70 mt – 2,60 mt
Telescopic pole alluminium
Weight 2,85 kg
Recommended battery 12V 70A (not included)